[geeklog-devel] Student wakeup call

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Oct 22 15:35:03 EDT 2007

Matt West wrote:

>I haven't really been reading
>geeklog-devel as much lately either. Because of this I've gotten myself a
>bit lost in what bugs exist and what changes need to be implemented.

Here's a list of issues I sent you a while ago:

--- snip ---
For example:




I've also just noted that on a fresh install, the Admin's email address
and homepage are not set. I guess this piece of code doesn't work any more:

        // let's try and personalize the Admin account a bit ...

        if (strpos ($_CONF['site_mail'], 'example.com') === false) {
            DB_query ("UPDATE {$_TABLES['users']} SET email = '" .
addslashes ($_CONF['site_mail']) . "' WHERE uid = 2");
        if (strpos ($_CONF['site_url'], 'example.com') === false) {
            DB_query ("UPDATE {$_TABLES['users']} SET homepage = '" .
addslashes ($_CONF['site_url']) . "' WHERE uid = 2");

The $_CONF variables may not be set at that point. If they're not, it
should be possible to use the values that the user entered in the
install script.
--- snip ---

There was also an issue with the 'site_admin_url' not being set or not
being set correctly - have to try it out again. At the very least, it's
missing a check to see if the directory exists.

>Lastly, I remember there being some issues with the MSSQL fresh install

I'm afraid I don't know anything about that.

>This is probably something that would
>benefit from someone who knows their way around MSSQL

Any takers?

bye, Dirk


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