[geeklog-devel] New GL default theme

=MF=Geiss geiss at midnightforce.com
Tue Oct 23 00:45:18 EDT 2007

geeklog at mystral-kk.net wrote:
> Vinny wrote:
>> Eric, we understand where you're coming from, but there are a number
>> of themes right now the meet w3c html 4.01 strict.  If we updated the
>> code to reflect XHTML we'd break these themes.  I understand your
>> question, "why HTML over XHTML?" My question in response would be:
>> What does XHTML get us that HTML 4.01 does not get us?
> 1. It is easier to import and transplant a theme, because most other CMSes
> use XHTML as a standard.
> 2. Most Web browsers put XHTML over HTML.
> 3. Even when Geeklog core is XHTML, and yet its theme and plugins are
> HTML, Web browsers will accept the contents with very few problems.
> 4. If HTML contents (stories, staticpages, and so on) with XHTML core code
> should cause some trouble, how about preparing an HTML-into-XHTML
> converter?      HTML purifier (http://htmlpurifier.org/) is the tool for
> the task.
> 5. If GL core members encourage plugin developers to use XHTML as a
> default (and HTML as an option), it will be a good opportunity to renew
> Geeklog.  The next release (GL-1.5) is timely, so how about inviting
> plugin developers to revise their products into XHTML?
> 6. If you describe code and contents in XHTML, it is quite easy to covert
> them into HTML, but not vice versa.
> I hope XHTML will be default and HTML an option in the next GL release.
I agree with all the points above. Plus, I'm sure GL 1.5 is going to 
break a lot of stuff anyway, so why not do it now? If Apple didn't leave 
OS9 in the dust, they wouldn't be enjoying the BSD UNIX base they bask 
in now. Or if all the geeks thought that command-line Linux was fine, 
they why make Ubuntu? If Bill Gates.... uh, nevermind!  :-P

My point is, change *is* painful, but necessary. Absolutely necessary. 
Embrace the new standards, you've already did so with coding with a new 
version of PHP in mind, why not doctypes? Do the right thing, and 
include the option to specify what doctype to run a site on. Things like 
that will make the fanboys go nuts about how l33t GL is cause you guys 
looked to the future, but kept things backward compatible. Let's start 
delegating some responsibilities (Dirk, I like how you are following up 
with the SOC students) I'm sure there are plenty here that would eagerly 
lend a hand if asked and given a chance. Let's get some momentum, and 
get this machine out of the garage and onto the road!

*steps off the soapbox*


Eric 'Geiss' Warren

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