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Mark R. Evans mevans at ecsnet.com
Wed Oct 24 00:06:09 EDT 2007

I've watched this thread with interest.  The feeling I've walked away with
is that there seems to be a big desire to not include anything done outside
the core group.  

The XHTML code was posted, not a single reply. Not even an acknowledgement,
not even a "No thanks, but not yet", just nothing. It wasn't until Eric
started pushing for it that it even got any attention.  The arguments have
been nothing short of entertaining.  It finally came down to issues with
existing content not being XHTML valid.  Odd thing is, FCKeditor outputs
XHTML, so the mix is already there and growing every day.  But, this debate
is over as far as I can tell, so we'll have to wait for the next release
cycle to see how it ends...

Joe has developed an excellent tool that does wonders in speeding up a site.
The caching template library is very good, seems very stable and brings
nothing but a positive enhancement to Geeklog. I've been running it on
production sites for a while, no issues.  I have it on all my development
and test systems too.  I'm also running it on a test CVS system running the
latest and greatest Geeklog code.  I've benchmarked it and confirmed it
improves performance.  It is picky about the order you define and parse
variables, but that is a good thing. I found several areas in Media Gallery
where I was sloppy with the template code, that is now fixed because of
Joe's code.  There are a handful of areas in the core code that need to be
fixed as well to support using the caching template library, Joe has already
documented them in the install document.  It would take about 10 minutes to
implement these fixes.  

This code needs to be in the next release.  There simply is no good reason
not to include it.  If there is a concern it will break plugins, that is
definitely a possibility, but I'm willing to load each and every plugin that
runs with GL 141 and test them if necessary.  

The XHTML battle was fought and lost for the next year or so, let's not see
that happen with the caching template library.  It brings a positive
improvement to site performance and new features that can be leveraged in
the future.  Please, please put this into the 1.5 code base.


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Does this include the caching template class? I'd like an official
statement. That project was started in February. And after spending several
hundred hours getting it just right, I don't want to hear it's not getting
into the next Geeklog release.

At 10:49 PM 10/23/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
Joe Mucchiello wrote:
>>And there's no way it will make
>>it into 1.5 so it's sort of off topic in this thread
>So far, nothing what is being discussed here is going into 1.5.
>There is still a feature-freeze on the current code.
>So its as on-topic as the whole rest of the discussion.

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