[geeklog-devel] New GL default theme

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Wed Oct 24 01:05:49 EDT 2007

Mark R. Evans wrote:
> I've watched this thread with interest.  The feeling I've walked away with
> is that there seems to be a big desire to not include anything done outside
> the core group.  
I have some hundreds of lines of code lying around here that I would 
like to put into this release but since I have not gotten an answer yet 
from Dirk, I guess it will not.
Its not about who does it, but when is it ready. You should not make 
generalized wrong assumptions, and this it what it sounds to me.

If you take the things apart you will realize that none of the projects 
have been finished with one of the core coders to make sure that they 
are working as expected.
I have included myself more than enough lines of code from 
non-core-members, the link-plugin being the latest of them, to let that 
statement sit in the room.

We are _not_ sitting in a meeting room where all the mails come in and 
we make a joint decision to ignore them. If an email about a template 
class comes in, I get it, read it and think "I dont know enough about 
templates to judge this" so I let it pass. If someone else comes in that 
knows, he will pick it up and this happened already as far as I 
remember. That it did not get finished until this release is unfortunate 
but a fact of time and not of will. You better contact the people 
involved and ask whats going on before throwing half-racist accusations 
at the whole team.

If someone comes with a complete XHTML makeover you cannot simply expect 
us to implement it, can you? Thats like someone coming with the whole 
code in Perl and expecting us to just switch. Just because he thought 
the effort was worth it does not mean we have to take it. I for my part 
don't know enough good reasons to work for 5 hours implementing this 
into the code just because someone else thought it was necessary for 
him. If another core coder would have thought so, it would be there, 
just like the links plugin update. If someone wants something in the 
code, he/she should rather make sure there is a discussion about it with 
us before doing the work, dont you think so? You heard our arguments 
about the XHTML, if you disagree that a optional system is best, then 
say so.

I am very happy to implement it as optional, but I am not going to jump 
and run for that as long we have a feature freeze, I have better things 
to do. And this was announced broad on this list by dirk, but some 
people seem to overread such things.


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