[geeklog-devel] Geeklog v1.5cvs Observations / Issues

Mark R. Evans mevans at ecsnet.com
Wed Oct 24 14:00:39 EDT 2007

Here are a few observations and issues I've run into with Geeklog 1.5cvs:


This is an excellent tool.  Between this and the new install, it should
really improve the overall Geeklog experience.

Theme -> Menu Elements

This should be a drop down of allowed values. If I put 'Home' in there,
nothing happens, but if I enter 'home', it will place the Home link in the
menu.  Since this is a static list of valid values, make it a drop down.
This will cut down on support issues.

Topics and Daily Digest -> Topic Sort Method

This should also be a drop down selection.  There are only 2 valid options
for this field.  Again, makes it more user friendly and will cut down on
support issues.

Topics and Daily Digest -> What's New

If possible, use something besides seconds for the time entry, use minutes
or hours and convert on save.  Seconds are very confusing, it is difficult
to know just how long is 172800 seconds. But, something like 48 hours is
pretty clear.

Users and Submissions

I don't think this is the right place to set the advanced editor options. I
would create a new tab for editor specific items.

Actually, I think the entire organization should probably be revisited and
mapped a little differently.  I understand this was the format of the
config.php file, but if you are planning on improving the overall
configuration, a better organization might be worth looking into.

Users and Submissions -> Spamx

Make this a drop down of valid actions.  This field is already confusing
since you really need to go to each Spamx module to determine what value it
supports.  With what ships with Geeklog, there are only 3 choices; 8, 128 or
136.  Make this a dropdown with choices like:

 - Email Admin Only
 - Delete Comment
 - Delete and email admin

Miscellaneous -> Default Permissions

Purely aesthetic, but I think a horizontal line or some type of break should
be in between block, story, and topic.


There is no submit button, so I can not approve or delete items in the


There is no method on installation or through configuration to make a site


Using HTML Editor (not advanced editor), each time I preview I get a lot of
whitespace injected at the beginning and at the end of the text.

Using the <code></code> tags do not function as expected, the new lines are
ignored, so the code block is compressed into a single line with leading
spaces removed.

Even when using the Advanced Editor (Full Featured Toolbar) and its CODE
format, all leading spaces are removed on Preview.  This obviously messes up
the code format.


>From the plugins.php admin screen, I cannot disable a plugin.  If I uncheck
the Enabled box, the screen refreshes and it is enabled again.  I have to
select the plugin for edit, check / uncheck the enabled box and save to make
it stick.


It looks like a feature of the new configuration class is that the
{menu_elements} array can now be ordered.  The order is reverse of what you
enter.  So if you put 'home' as item 0 in the menu editor, it will be listed


directory.php does not use any template files, all markup is in the source.
Each time I do a theme, I have issues with the directory listing because of
this.  It looks pretty straight forward to separate.  I'll be happy to
submit a patch on the latest CVS if there is any interest, if not, we can
just live with it.

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