[geeklog-devel] (no subject)

Oliver Spiesshofer oliver at spiesshofer.com
Wed Oct 24 22:43:51 EDT 2007

Joe Mucchiello wrote:
> At 01:05 AM 10/24/2007, Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
>> I have some hundreds of lines of code lying around here that I
>> would like to put into this release but since I have not gotten an
>> answer yet from Dirk, I guess it will not.
> Well, that's just odd. If there was a code cutoff, there should have
> been a new branch added to CVS so that new code had somewhere to go.
The code is not lost. I have it here and can submit it later. I simply 
wanted to state that not only non-core devs are facing an issue of 
submitting code at this point in time.
> It was finished in September, long before code cutoff. I decided that
> since nothing was happening on the devel list that I'd just post it as
> a hack. I did that Oct 8.[1] I realize you were not involved in the
> template stuff. I don't expect you to have an answer. I'm just saying
> the delay was not on my side.
I know. I am sorry that that happened. I was answering to Marks 
accusations that we did not implement it because you are not a core dev.


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