[geeklog-devel] GL 1.5 test site user login

=MF=Geiss geiss at midnightforce.com
Sat Oct 27 15:12:59 EDT 2007

Yeah, my router hiccuped last night. Sorry. That was the .1% I was 
talking about in uptime. :-) It's back online now.

Blaine Lang wrote:
> Looks like the test site for the new theme is down.
> I wanted to review the latest again before commenting so this is some 
> feedback on one aspect of the new theme - the user options area. I 
> really don't like to see my page jump down as it works now. The 
> leftblocks collapsing is not the same and having a large area like I 
> saw last time with a list of links just does not appeal to me. If this 
> area is to contain important user menu navigation then it should be on 
> a main menu or in a consistent area the user can always see. We have 
> lots of menu space typically on a site and if need use a flyout or 
> dropdown multilevel menu.
If by "jumping down" you mean it renders the hidden div and then 
collapses it (I'm currently only seeing that issue in Opera, btw) I 
totally agree with you. Perhaps there is a javascript trick someone 
knows about to fix that. I'm trying to look into it but haven't found 
much yet. Anyone have any ideas? DOM ready vs. DOM load or something?

The content of this toggle area is totally up for discussion. My intent 
was to have a place for stuff that will alleviate some overcrowding on 
the main page, but still have it handy without having to click through a 
few pages. This can be links, maybe a quick download area, I don't know. 
Everyone please share your ideas for what this area could be used for. 
If we can't come up with something, then we can always just not use it. :-) 
> What I do like is to have a hidden login form that appears when the 
> user clicks on a login link. There really only needs to be 2 links 
> that switch once the user is logged in.
I agree. This would also clear up more space on the main layout. I think 
a good place for these links would be floated right in the menu bar 
(although for some reason, it won't pull the {lang_login} text, like it 
does in loginform.thtml. Or, it could be below the search box in the 
header. Thoughts?
> Login + Register and once logged in they become My Account + Logout. 
> These can easily be added in a reserved area in the site header.
> I have 2 examples of sites that were done this way - themes are per 
> client so no wise cracks :)
> 1) http://www.home2hotel.ca/
> 2) http://www.ccccio.ca/  - a bit different as they self register this 
> closed community
> Our site www.nextide.ca is similar but I do not use the show/hide area 
> for the login form as it did not work with out site header. What this 
> example does show is the reserved area for the 2 links (or tabs) that 
> change to My Account and Logout once you login.  Additionally, one our 
> site, all the system messages are trapped and shown in the header area 
> as opposed to being inside an error block and pushing the content down.
How about something similar to the topmost links at 
http://www.gnome-look.org ie. Applications, Artwork, or Linux 
Distrubitions? We could put the login form in that hover box. Thoughts?
> Blaine
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