[geeklog-devel] Geeklog v1.5cvs Observations / Issues

Mark R. Evans mevans at ecsnet.com
Sun Oct 28 15:44:45 EDT 2007

> >
> >Using HTML Editor (not advanced editor), each time I preview I get a lot
> of
> >whitespace injected at the beginning and at the end of the text.
> Can't reproduce that. Can you provide an example?

Sure, anything causes it for me.  I can simply type a paragraph of text, hit
the preview button and I will have whitespace added at the beginning and
end.  You don't see it using the advanced editor, only when in HTML
Formatted mode.  It doesn't pad with  , so the story saves correctly,
it is just a visual thing.  After previewing, when I go back into the HTML
Formatted editor, the first line is indented by several spaces.

It may not be a big issue, just kind of annoying to see my text moved over.

>Using the <code></code> tags do not function as expected, the new lines are
> >ignored, so the code block is compressed into a single line with leading
> >spaces removed.
> I think you're confusing Geeklog's own [code] tag (which seems to work
> fine in CVS) and the HTML <code> and <pre> tags.
> <code> is only logical markup ("this is some sort of source code") and
> doesn't provide any special formatting (it's usually rendered in a
> typewriter font, though). Only <pre> keeps the line breaks intact,
> <code> doesn't.
> And [code] is actually translated to <pre><code>...

Very possible.  What I had done was take several stories from my 1.4.1 site
and cut / paste them into the test 1.5 site.  My thought was things should
work as they did before, just improved.  This is where I saw the issue.

Using the [code] tag works as it should.  Actually using <pre><code> works
and those tags are automatically replaced with a [code] tag on preview,

You are correct, things are working as they should.

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