[geeklog-devel] CSS layout

=MF=Geiss geiss at midnightforce.com
Mon Oct 29 01:02:50 EDT 2007

Hmmm, I have both {left_blocks} and {right_blocks} being called in 
header.thtml and the homepage at http://geiss.getmyip.com/gl15/ looks 
fine. But when I got to the calendar for instance, it doesn't remove the 
right blocks, they still show up.

In the theme functions.php file I have:
$_CONF['left_blocks_in_footer'] = 0;
$_CONF['right_blocks_in_footer'] = 0;

and in the Admin menu, under Configuration/Theme tab/Advanced Settings - 
Show Right Blocks? is set to False.

It all seems right, but I must be missing something.




Oliver Spiesshofer wrote:
> Hi Warren,
> depending if you want to have both variables in the footer or in the 
> header.thtml, you have to set the left_blocks_in_footer or 
> right_blocks_in_footer variable both to true or false in the 
> functions.php in your theme.
> Hope it works fine!
> Oliver
> Eric Warren wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> I converted the theme to a tableless layout. Although now I have the 
>> right blocks column rendering below the other columns. :-( Oliver, I 
>> believe we need to set the {right_blocks} variable to be available in 
>> header.thtml, and call it prior to the {left_blocks} variable, but am 
>> not sure about doing this. I know you were working on it, can you 
>> point me in the right direction? I assume we need to do something in 
>> the theme's functions.php file. Now that we have a working example, 
>> what's next to get the right block column moved back up where it 
>> should be?
>> I'm attaching a zip of the nouveau theme for GL1.5. It's still a bit 
>> messy, so bear with me. :-)
>> Thx for your help!
>> Eric

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