[geeklog-devel] Public/User Perception of Projects (was Perception is everything...)

Michael Jervis mjervis at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 09:45:06 EDT 2008

This also needs splitting off (I think we've got to three contentious issues).

The issue here is the public/user [1] perception of the project, and
it's activity etc.

I like the idea of making Geeklog.net more like the wordpress site
with a front that isn't as "live", so thus doesn't show "inactivity"
as starkly. However, with Wordpress site there's a lot of support
activity going on, themes and plugins, and their development community
for the product is pretty much as behind the scenes as ours, but much
bigger. Their development blog is quite slow paced and really only
announces alphas/betas/rcs/releases.

Marcus raises some interesting points, this list is now public so
people can follow it, and the archives are public so people can read
it, but it's still not visible and "we" [2] don't monitor the forums
sufficiently so people see us as dead.

Personally, I can't be doing with a "pull" system for finding things.
I can't poll the forums for stuff to comment on, mailing list is a
perfect "push" media for me. Perhaps what we need is to make the
mailing list "more visible" on the site. Maybe a weekly/monthly
threads of note post on the geeklog news system?

Maybe we need a press/communications officer who does monitor the
forums and pokes us to respond to interesting things, and points
"duplicate" forum threads to the mailing list conversation we've
already had to join it up?

And I do really like the look of that neuvau geeklog theme, I do think
it makes the site look much better.

[1] by which I really mean people who are going to or have downloaded
and installed Geeklog to run a site.
[2] Dirk does of course.

Michael Jervis
mjervis at gmail.com

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