[geeklog-devel] [geeklog-cvs] Geeklog-1.x/sql mssql_tableanddata.php, 1.34, 1.35

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Apr 12 10:52:05 EDT 2008

Dirk Haun wrote:

>Modified Files:
>	mssql_tableanddata.php 
>Log Message:
>An attempt to update the MS SQL tables and data ...

Okay, I tried my best (without even knowing what I'm doing there) ...

Can someone with an MS SQL setup please test if a fresh install works
now? Updates and plugin uninstall/installs still won't work on MS SQL,
but once the fresh install does, I can figure out how to update the rest.

Unless, of course, someone who actually knows something about MS SQL
could look into fixing these issues directly.

bye, Dirk


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