[geeklog-devel] blog plugin rrs-feed

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Feb 3 13:11:58 EST 2008

Michael Schmidt wrote:

>I want to ask for a discussion exchange to send from a c++ url rating
>application an RSS/ATOM feed to the users blog,

So you have an application that publishes an RSS and/or Atom feed?

>is someone interested in deeloping such a blog software plugin, so that an
>RSS feed can be inserted to the blog page. e.g. so that web-urls are in a
>rolling txt-box on the page?

Sounds like you only need to create a portal block in Geeklog:

If you don't want the feed displayed in a side block, there are also
solutions to display them in static pages and a few other places. Check
the forums and the download section on geeklog.net.

>The rss feed then is maybe not the problem, but as the feed
>generating machine is the users machine, the IP adress might be different
>each session, so a method is needed, that the blogpage is contacted and the
>rss feed is pushed into the blogpage?? Any help?

Ah, so is that your actual problem? Have you considered using DynDNS or
some similar service? Alternatively, have each client push their feed to
a central server and serve the feeds from there.

bye, Dirk


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