[geeklog-devel] 'force_remoteauthentication' patch for enterprise users

Blank, Jessica Jessica.Blank at mtvnmix.com
Wed Feb 20 14:23:35 EST 2008


In our large enterprise environment, we are using geeklog in combination with LDAP. Our users are used to using LDAP for everything; there is no 'local' login on our Geeklog system, only LDAP.

I have therefore created a small patch which adds two new features:

1) A 'force_remoteauthentication' patch which disables 'local' authentication and allows users ONLY to select a remote authentication scheme
2) An additional small patch which, when 'force_remoteauthentication' is set to true and there is only one (1) remote authentication method, replaces the drop-down service selector with a hidden form field. This avoids user confusion where there is only one authentication method supported in an environment.

I am confident that other enterprise users would find this patch useful. If it pleases the geeklog community, I'd like to submit my patch so that it can be included in the next released version of geeklog. I believe that this small patch would greatly simplify geeklog integration into enterprise environments, many of which use remote authentication systems such as LDAP. :)

--Jessica L. Blank
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