[geeklog-devel] Call for ideas and mentors for the SoC 2008

Michael Jervis mjervis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 20 16:07:39 EST 2008

>  Certainly less than an hour per day during the week. I tried to move
>  everything that required more work or discussions to the weekends. Plus,
>  Ramnath and Matt were quite capable of working on their own.

Hmm, well that's definitely sounding like too much time for me. I'll
be AFK all weekend every weekend pretty much, except for the odd bit
in the evening here and there. Very definitely family time.

>  Btw, that could also be of interest to other projects.

Yes, which is why I'm keen to do something with it properly. My
original intention was to produce a stock PHP5 SWOT reference
implementation that could be integrated to any project. Then do a
Geeklog integration as an example.

Possibly even a bridge to that mediawiki spam list that you mentioned
once, use SWOT to give back to that, encourage them to adapt our
solution and spread it out to other systems. Given the way Spammers
take out centralised things like Akismet from time to time, p2p has to
be the way to go.



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