[geeklog-devel] WebDAV

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Sat Feb 23 14:47:42 EST 2008

One of the areas that I saw where webDAV was different was version 
control and locking support for collaborative document editing.

One of the use cases I wanted to see WebDAV used for was:
 > An intranet use, where a user can save documents to the GL Filemgmt 
plugin (or other FM plugin) and open it later in WORD as an example. A 
user can then edit it and just use the save to update the document in 
the filemgmt plugin. No need to upload and or replace the file using a 
clunky webform ui.

How would Atom be used to upload a file?  - what would the client be?
Can Atom get around the POST limit of uploading files or make that 
process of uploading large files better as in provide better progress 


Dirk Haun wrote:
> One of the leftover ideas for last year was the implementation of a
>   <http://wiki.geeklog.net/wiki/index.php/SoC_WebDAV_API>
> I'd suggest we withdraw that project and do not put it up again for
> 2008. There is a certain overlap with the Atom Publishing Protocol that
> we now have (in CVS, at least) and there isn't any benefit from having
> to maintain two protocols that do mostly the same thing.
> Any objections?
> bye, Dirk

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