[geeklog-devel] Events Block behavior for today's events

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Mon Feb 25 13:48:46 EST 2008

Mark Howard wrote:

>Is there a mantis/bugtracker active?

Not quite ... /me looks in Dwight's general direction.

>If not, what is the most appropriate method to report bugs?

Either here on on the forums (Feedback forum, for example) is fine.

>I'd like to check to see if the Calendar plugin maintainer has updated
>phpblock_calendar() for 1.5 so that it will result in the display of the
>current day's events (at least as an option).

Are you the same person who posted this?


IMO, it's perfectly fine (even expected behavior) that events disappear
from there as soon as their start time is reached. Wouldn't it be
confusing to look at the Upcoming Events block (note the name ...) and
see an event there that already started or even passed?

Of course, if we're talking about events that haven't finished yet, then
I could be persuaded to accept a change for that ...

bye, Dirk


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