[geeklog-devel] Config GUI issues

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Thu Jan 3 19:57:51 EST 2008


Not sure if you have tried the latest CVS (since this weekends updates) 
but I have implemented a new CSS menu like the one being used on my site 
for the header. The glMenu plugin can create these menu's dynamically 
but there is much more to glMenu then just the CSS (which is one mode it 
supports). The new online config manager in 1.5 will create the menu on 
the fly as needed and I think the new dropline CSS menu works well. The 
new version is better then the navbar used initially which was fine for 
the base devel release.

Dirk: where you after having the top level menu elements align to the 
right or the dropline elements or both?
It's possible to do both but will require a few CSS changes - let me 
know which or both you were looking for and I can create a version.


=MF=Geiss wrote:
> I'm sure most of you already know this, but for those subscribing to 
> the list that might not be aware...
> Since the styling is applied to the generated markup, I'm not sure 
> there is a way using the float property for both instances. The PHP 
> spits out the list as Item1, Item2, Item3, etc... As the browser 
> parses the code, it will take the first "Item1" and push it either 
> left or right, then follow it with "Item 2". So the list floated left 
> would look like:
> Item1 Item2  Item3 ...
> and the list floated right would look like:
>                      ... Item3  Item2  Item1
> The only way I can think of is to reverse the order in PHP, and 
> include a left or right alignment radio button, dropdown, etc., and in 
> the PHP switch the list order output accordingly, or give each menu 
> item a position variable (perhaps like the block up/down image links) 
> to make for easy sorting via clicking to move a link up or down.
> If you are going to go that far, you might as well include support for 
> dropdown (parent/child) menu creation. Mark and I are working on this 
> for the Chameleon plugin, and I don't see any reason why we can't 
> standardize on a common function. (Chameleon really is about skinning 
> the menu anyway...) but since there is a feature freeze, I'm not sure 
> you want to go down that route. I know there is Blaine's premium 
> glMenu plugin, and while we aren't trying to step on any toes, we do 
> feel that a free multi-level menu solution for gl is badly needed. 
> ...just my 2 cents. :-)
> Hope this helps!
> Eric
> Dirk Haun wrote:
>> Dirk Haun wrote:
>>> - The entries for the menu_elements are coming out in reverse order. 
>>> For
>>> example, I have 'plugins' as the last entry in the config, but plugins
>>> are listed first in the site's navigation bar.
>> Apologies - this is not an issue with the config GUI. It's an issue with
>> the stylesheet.
>> I was just making a theme where I wanted the menu elements left-aligned,
>> so I changed
>> .header-navigation-container li{
>>   float:right;
>> to
>> .header-navigation-container li{
>>   float:left;
>> and then they're in the correct order.
>> Can one of our resident CSS gurus suggest a way to get the menu elements
>> right-aligned and in the correct order?
>> bye, Dirk
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