[geeklog-devel] lib-layout.php

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Thu Jan 3 23:52:36 EST 2008

I was looking at how we could make it easier to create theme specific 
siteHeader and siteFooter functions - specifically with Chameleon but 
I've also had to create theme specific functions in the past. It's not 
hard - copy/paste and modify but 90% of the code or more is the same as 
in the lib-common functions and these functions evolve every release. 
Chameleon has moved some of the code from COM_siteHeader into 
COM_siteFooter (theme versions) but still it's mostly restructuring of 
code chunks.

I was thinking that it may be a good idea to create a set of functions 
which take the &$template variable which would be called by the header 
and footer related functions. This way the code to set the siteheader 
menu could be called in the header or footer function, same for the code 
to generate the left or right blocks etc.

Reason to consider this now is for easier ongoing support of custom themes.

Is this a new feature or a change (not sure)

Is it worth doing as part of 1.5 - thats the ?


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