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Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Jan 6 12:47:36 EST 2008

Dirk Haun wrote:

>I think we just need something that wraps around nicely.

I had a look at the Wordpress "Dashboard", but that doesn't provide any
solution that would help us. Effectively, they have a simple two-row
menu bar and both rows wrap around on small windows. It works, but if
you assume the top row is used for the plugins and you have a lot of
them you'll end up with a row that wraps around twice or more.

Another idea, but that could be a lot of work: I had a look at the web
interface my hosting service provides. When you think domain == plugin,
this is something that could work:

First you get a list of all plugins. When you select one, you get a
bunch of side blocks for the various things you can configure there.

Consider what we now have as the contents of a tab, e.g. for the
"Stories and Trackback" tab, we have:

- Trackback
- Pingback
- Story

Now we put those in a block and when you click on "Trackback", you get
only the Trackback settings in the center area. I.e. only one fieldset
at a time. And what is now a tab would be a side block.

Let me try some ASCII art ...

[Stories & TB]  +-[Trackback]-------------------------------+
|Trackback   |  |            Trackback? [True]              |
|Pingback    |  |     Trackback Default [Trackback Enabled] |
|Story       |  |   Multiple Trackbacks [Reject]            |
                | Trackback Speed Limit [300]               |
[Topics & DD ]  |      Check Trackbacks [Check full URL]    |
|Topic       |  +-------------------------------------------+
|Who's Online|
|Daily Digest|
|What's New  |

This would have the added bonus of being able to see all the available
options (or option groups, really) at once without having to hunt
through the menu. And it should be very extensible.

But, as I said, it's probably a lot of work ...

bye, Dirk


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