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Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Sun Jan 6 18:53:19 EST 2008


I think that may be the way to go - use the left block area.

As you suggest, we could use a left block to pick the component (core or 
plugin) and second menu that displays the component. This would 
eliminate the menu issue completely.

The other idea is a leftblock area menu like this one:  
Which presents the dual menu idea into a single menu.


Dirk Haun wrote:
> Dirk Haun wrote:
>> I think we just need something that wraps around nicely.
> I had a look at the Wordpress "Dashboard", but that doesn't provide any
> solution that would help us. Effectively, they have a simple two-row
> menu bar and both rows wrap around on small windows. It works, but if
> you assume the top row is used for the plugins and you have a lot of
> them you'll end up with a row that wraps around twice or more.
> Another idea, but that could be a lot of work: I had a look at the web
> interface my hosting service provides. When you think domain == plugin,
> this is something that could work:
> First you get a list of all plugins. When you select one, you get a
> bunch of side blocks for the various things you can configure there.
> Consider what we now have as the contents of a tab, e.g. for the
> "Stories and Trackback" tab, we have:
> - Trackback
> - Pingback
> - Story
> Now we put those in a block and when you click on "Trackback", you get
> only the Trackback settings in the center area. I.e. only one fieldset
> at a time. And what is now a tab would be a side block.
> Let me try some ASCII art ...
> [Stories & TB]  +-[Trackback]-------------------------------+
> |Trackback   |  |            Trackback? [True]              |
> |Pingback    |  |     Trackback Default [Trackback Enabled] |
> |Story       |  |   Multiple Trackbacks [Reject]            |
>                 | Trackback Speed Limit [300]               |
> [Topics & DD ]  |      Check Trackbacks [Check full URL]    |
> |Topic       |  +-------------------------------------------+
> |Who's Online|
> |Daily Digest|
> |What's New  |
> This would have the added bonus of being able to see all the available
> options (or option groups, really) at once without having to hunt
> through the menu. And it should be very extensible.
> But, as I said, it's probably a lot of work ...
> bye, Dirk

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