[geeklog-devel] State of 1.5 development?

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Jan 13 11:39:38 EST 2008

So, where are we in 1.5 development?

The biggest remaining issue appears to be the config GUI (see other posts).

I spent some time with the Links plugin and consider that done now. I
ran into one or two glitches in the Polls plugin today - have to look
into that (shouldn't be too much, hopefully).

The Webservices API is finished, too. I've added some end-user
documentation to the wiki as well as some implementation details and
notes on the compliance to RFC 5023:


Misc. items from my list:

* MS SQL support. I guess the SQL files are not up to date. Anyone
willing to look into it?

* FCKeditor. We should plan to include the current version by the time
we actually ship 1.5.

* Anything else?

Some testing is also needed, of course. I'm almost ready to upgrade Damn
Spam! to 1.5. The only thing holding me back is the config GUI - mostly
because it's a bit awkward to update if you only have access through ftp
and phpMyAdmin ...

bye, Dirk


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