[geeklog-devel] Tracker plugin (idea)

info at heatherengineering.com info at heatherengineering.com
Sun Jan 13 22:02:32 EST 2008

I just remembered this, which I suggested to Tom (webmaster) back in
April last year, and thought I'd throw it out there now that you're
looking for ideas for SoC - I don't think it is exciting enough for an
SoC project, but if someone is looking for a plugin idea, they are
welcome to this one as I won't have time to make it:

The "Tracker" Plugin.

Using JpGraph (http://www.aditus.nu/jpgraph/), it is possible to make
pretty pictures (this page used to work back in 2006 showing stats for gl
but is not right now for some reason: eg

A simple plugin that allows users to create "trackers": basically
tables of data that allow them to enter values every now and then,
which are then automatically shown as graphs or tables.

When a tracker is created, the user chooses how many variables to
track, and is queried for them from a dynamically created form each
time they choose to update the tracker.

Perhaps the user can also choose whether to group trackers into
meta-groups, or perhaps a single tracker can contain multiple "items"
that are graphed/tracked.

So, eg, a user creates a tracker called "weight", and enters their
weight in kg every now and then with the date of measurement, which is
then automatically graphed.

If desired, this could be grouped with another item tracking "number
of cookies eaten today" so that the two graphs are shown on the same
page, or the two items can be combined into one tracker.

The user can have a personal page that shows their trackers as graphs,
and clicking on the tracker goes to a page for that tracker that gives
the graph and more details if wanted.

Users can set trackers to be private or public, and there can be a
public page to show trackers, or perhaps users can choose which users'
trackers they want to see.



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