[geeklog-devel] Staticpages plugin - Print icon

Mark Howard mark at the-howards.net
Sat Jan 19 19:26:51 EST 2008

The printer icon behavior for staticpages is currently a global 'story


.. although I agree that I would like to independently control the
visibility of that icon in staticpage rendering, and therefore wish it were
a plugin config item.  

I don't know that hiding the edit link for users that have permissions has
any kind of precedent wrt stories, etc., but I suppose it could be useful.
(my 2cents)


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Does the Staticpages plugin have a config option to hide the print and 
edit icons?

I know you can manually edit it out in 
(path_to_geeklog)/plugins/staticpages/templates/centerblock.thtml, but 
it would be nice if this was part of the online config, just like the 
current options to hide the hit counter and date.


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