[geeklog-devel] Current CVS version of Geeklog-1.x not working; 'config.php' evidently not being read

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sun Mar 2 13:31:18 EST 2008

Blank, Jessica wrote:

>I was able to resolve the issue by using a different SQL account... one
>with drop/alter privileges on the database in question.

Sorry for the late reply - I was offline for some days.

Apart from the lack of documentation, is there any problem left to be

I think the new install script is almost self describing, as it also
checks for permissions and gives reminders about them afterwards. For
configuration of the site, there is now the "Configuration" section on
the Admins screen.

So config.php is not needed any more, other than to carry over your old
settings from a previous version.

I've done a couple of fresh installs as well as upgrades from earlier
versions and I'm not aware of any problems.

bye, Dirk


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