[geeklog-devel] Strange storage of strings (and other data) ingl_conf_values

Blank, Jessica Jessica.Blank at mtvnmix.com
Mon Mar 3 16:25:46 EST 2008

Ultimately, my system will not allow local logins at all, but right now
it's a stock install files-wise (but not database-wise). Anyways, I
think I know what to do from here. Thanks for all your help :) 

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Do your system not allow local logins at all? If not, you will need to
find your uid in the gl_users table. Since you seem to have SQL access,
insert a record into the gl_group_assignments table

First, does your gl_groups table have a record where grp_id = 1,
grp_name = Root? If not, I don't know what to tell you.

Assuming that is untouched,

INSERT INTO gl_group_assignments (ug_main_grp_id, ug_uid) values (1,

That will make your login account Root.

At 04:02 PM 3/3/2008, you wrote:
>I can't log in locally at all. I see the 'Admin' user in the gl_users 
>table, but the password 'password' did not work when I attempted to log

>in as this user.

Joe Mucchiello
Throwing Dice Games

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