[geeklog-devel] Email Throttling (was GSoC 2008:Core notification service)

Jeff Hare geeklog at thehares.com
Tue Mar 18 19:33:32 EDT 2008


   I have to second (and third) this idea!  I've had to hack up my
installations to prevent anything except registration (and a few other
things) from sending email.

   My host is very unforgiving should I exceed 200 emails within an hour
span.  They state in the agreement that if you exceed this, your account
will be suspended without warning since they provide other services for
doing "notification" and "discussion list" related email.

   I've been somewhat nervous that some innocuous event could result in
large numbers of emails and shut me down... :(


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There's a very important missing subsystem: Email Throttle. On a 
shared host a system with 50 users and a couple new stories could 
easily cause Geeklog to overrun a per hour limit found on some shared 
hosts. Some are as low as 200 emails per hour. I've been kicking 
around a central email plugin for GL and part of the reason was so 
you could throttle bulk emails in a manner that doesn't get your 
email privileges turned off by your shared host.

Admins may also want to limit the number of emails sent per day to a 
user (or even a domain) so they don't get spam-bucketed at places 
like yahoo and hotmail. The mail subsystem should be able to combine 
multiple notifications over a period of time to a user into one email.

Finally, if users have an inbox and they can receive a real email 
when something arrives in their inbox, most systems do not send 
another email until your next login.


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