[geeklog-devel] Email Throttling (was GSoC 2008:Core notification service)

Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Wed Mar 19 11:49:11 EDT 2008

One problem. Mailman is not available on any shared host I'm aware 
of. Most don't support Python. And Mailman requires a C compiler to 
install. That's usually not available on shared hosts either.

Shared hosts with these restrictions are the hosts that need the 
throttling the most.

At 11:03 AM 3/19/2008, Blaine Lang wrote:
>Mailman which like most opensource projects is even used to manage 
>this list for email distribution and suspect every hosting service 
>has it setup. The main objective of the mailman project as I've 
>scoped is to use the Mailman API (still under development) to create 
>and manage the lists. Could this be used or extended to plugins to 
>use the Mailman services - sure but that was not in the initial scope.
>We first need to be able to create and manage the full feature set 
>of lists and if we can do that as a plugin inside GL then we have 
>accomplished a lot and would open up a lot of areas to expand on.
>BTW: The mailman project was not accepted by Google and I've 
>contacted Bruce (Mailman lead) who was anxious before to collaborate 
>if he is still willing.
>Konstantin Mikhaylov wrote:
>>>That integration to mail man project on the GSoC should perhaps
>>>  include this then. Or be complemented by it. Have the ability to sign
>>>  people wanting email notification to various lists and just send one
>>>  email to that list...
>>It seems to be part of the project for notification manager too. if
>>user wants to see emails about all new stories or all new comments
>>then his email address will be automaticaly subscibed to a special
>>list using API devleoped in mailman project
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