[geeklog-devel] GSoC 2008: Core notification service

Konstantin Mikhaylov jtraub.devel at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 12:16:08 EDT 2008

> Since there are no database layouts/mockups in the proposal so I have
> no way of knowing your plan.
No. I am not going to save list of event listeners to the
DB.Dispatcher will not require a lot of RAM and CPU to add listeners
and fire events. I even think that quering DB will make app slower.

Thanks to Tony, He pointed to the ready code. I am going to port it to
PHP4 and use as part of my project.

> Finally, I recommend doing the UI part as a plugin since the plugin
> API is not a moving target like the codebase can be. Later
> integration should be easier than if you've randomly edited the core.
Doing UI part as a plugin will require adding another class of plugin API calls.

Now i am going to add 2 types of calls:
1. calls to add/remove rules (must be called by plugins when user hits
the button "Subscribe to comments on this story")
2. filter calls. Will be used by notification manager to compare
events against rules.


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