[geeklog-devel] GSOC 2008 - Improving Comments idea

Awang awank99 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 10:27:43 EDT 2008


Have my proposal review? (proposal about Improving Comments)

Actually I'm thinking to implement AJAX to make comments module more ease to
for example, when visitor click "reply" then comment form should appear
directly just below it.

then when "post" button clicked, comment form will disappear then show their
if the comment send to moderation, they still can see their comment but with
some reminder.

when "preview" button clicked, comment preview will appear. they can back to
edit it again, or
submit it.

Of course, I'll keep in my mind, if not everyone can use AJAX features.

Are there any suggestions for my idea?

Now, I'm trying to make another contribution on Installation script, but I'm
still waiting
Geeklog suggestion for my proposal on Improving Comments. I'm still explore
how migration
and instalation script can be improve.

I hope I can give some contribution to opensource project, start from
Geeklog :)


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