[geeklog-devel] Social Networking

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Sun Mar 30 17:07:33 EDT 2008


This project is to actually extend the core GL groups feature. Only the 
site admin can create and maintain these groups and although a group can 
be created called "My Friends" by admin as a collection of site members, 
it's not all that effective.

What we need is more the facebook and youtube idea where members can 
create their own groups or lists of members. They can create more then 1 
list as they may have a such a need.

Just like facebook, a member can then adjust what content they have can 
be viewed publicly, all members or just members in a certain list.

Please let us know if other aspects of this project need more clarification.


Dirk Haun wrote:
> William P. Bushey wrote:
>> Would the groups be a
>> collective organization along the lines of Facebook groups, or would the
>> groups be a way for a user to organize their friends like groups in AIM?
> Groups as in Geeklog's groups. Effectively like Unix groups. Every user
> on a Geeklog site is a member of the "All Users" and "Logged-in Users"
> groups, for example. Groups can have special rights attached to them
> (like the Admin groups) or you can only use them to, well, group users
> together. Which is of interest if you want to make things only
> accessible to certain people.
> bye, Dirk

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