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Joe Mucchiello joe at ThrowingDice.com
Sun Mar 30 17:42:07 EDT 2008

I would hope anything involving groups would also employ some of the 
ideas listed here. Blaine's ideas in this thread would be great stuff for GL:

At 05:07 PM 3/30/2008, Blaine Lang wrote:
>This project is to actually extend the core GL groups feature. Only 
>the site admin can create and maintain these groups and although a 
>group can be created called "My Friends" by admin as a collection of 
>site members, it's not all that effective.
>What we need is more the facebook and youtube idea where members can 
>create their own groups or lists of members. They can create more 
>then 1 list as they may have a such a need.
>Just like facebook, a member can then adjust what content they have 
>can be viewed publicly, all members or just members in a certain list.
>Please let us know if other aspects of this project need more clarification.
>Dirk Haun wrote:
>>William P. Bushey wrote:
>>>Would the groups be a
>>>collective organization along the lines of Facebook groups, or would the
>>>groups be a way for a user to organize their friends like groups in AIM?
>>Groups as in Geeklog's groups. Effectively like Unix groups. Every user
>>on a Geeklog site is a member of the "All Users" and "Logged-in Users"
>>groups, for example. Groups can have special rights attached to them
>>(like the Admin groups) or you can only use them to, well, group users
>>together. Which is of interest if you want to make things only
>>accessible to certain people.
>>bye, Dirk
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