[geeklog-devel] Geeklog 1.5 status

Trinity trinity93 at gmail.com
Sun May 4 06:14:00 EDT 2008

"release early, release often" some one once said :-)

On Sun, May 4, 2008 at 5:02 AM, Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de> wrote:
> Dirk Haun wrote:
>>>Geeklog 1.5 is finally coming along to the point where I think I could
>>>actually risk running a site off of it.
>>I did just that now and updated Damn Spam!
> .. and geeklog.info is now also running on 1.5. This time, I remembered
> to put the old config.php files back into place before doing the upgrade
> and promptly found (and fixed) a small issue with the plugin upgrade there.
> Other than that, it seems to run just fine.
> To make things more interesting, both sites are actually running off of
> the same code base (one small modification in lib-common.php required).
> While that isn't quite working as expected, it's not a problem with 1.5
> itself and so it's not a showstopper.
> So despite the remaining known issues (MS SQL support, pending theme
> changes) I'd like to push out a beta release, possibly tomorrow, to get
> some feedback and information on as yet unknown issues.
> Comments? Anything else I may have missed?
> bye, Dirk
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