[geeklog-devel] {blockid}

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Sun May 4 12:56:33 EDT 2008

Dirk Haun wrote:

> Apart from the slight misnomer (it's not the block's ID, bid, but something derived from the block's title)

Actually the template var had more to do with it's purpose as upposed to 
the source used to create it.
This feature was added so Javascript and CSS could be added to control 
blocks and we need a unique ID per block and believe block title was 
chosen to have something more familiar to the site admin but and bid 
would certainly be unique and easier to use but less descriptive or 

When using block_title, the code does also handle having duplicate 
titles for blocks which can happen.

> It doesn't take national special characters into account. So on
geeklog.info, I now have a block with id="Über_Geeklog2".

Agree - I had not tested on extended characters other then the issues 
addressed with the strtr code

> I'd suggest to run it through COM_sanitizeID().

Sounds like a good idea - don't see any issues as that should still be 
an identifiable name for the ID

> Based on the {blockid}, there is some CSS in style.css that controls
how some lists are formatted:

#Admins_Only ul, #User_Functions ul, #Topics ul {

Hum -- does this need to be based on ID's and not class names as this 
will break if someone changes the block title (if these ID's are the 
dynamically generated ones from the above noted code).


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