[geeklog-devel] SQL Server 2005 - MSSQL Driver

Randy Kolenko Randy.Kolenko at nextide.ca
Mon May 5 19:16:39 EDT 2008

This is good news that we've got some new eyes in the mix.  
Some Background: my initial intent and primary goal was to write the
abstraction class for MSSQL to minimize the number of code changes
required in Geeklog and to hopefully have as many existing plugins be
easily converted to support MSSQL.  That objective was at least
relatively successfully accomplished!  One of the reasons the initial
class looks the way it does was to handle the "uniqueness" of the
Geeklog original code base.  That includes using the horriffic "replace
into" and LIMIT without even mentioning the various
add/remove/add/remove/remove/add/remove slashes :-)
However there were always a variety of issues I wanted to resolve in the
original MSSQL code -- and with very little MSSQL based feedback, it was
tough to get enough issues presented to even have enough to go on for a
I would love to see the new abstraction class and associated install
script.  Can you please post them here on the list?
My next question is:  with the changes you've made, how does that affect
the MySQL support?  You can't break one to favour the other and nor will
anyone adopt massive code changes for their existing and popular MySQL
plugins to support mssql.

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My name is Kevin Peno. I work with the Microsoft Open Source Group and
have been assigned to help with updating this software to work properly
with the new SQL Server driver from Microsoft. I've been working on this
for about 3 weeks now and have completely re-written the your
abstraction file to work with the new driver, as well as cleaned up a
good amount of the code, SQL batch for the install. Currently I'm at the
point of fixing some issues with addslashes spread throughout the code
that is causing a lot of compatibility issues. I haven't been able to
get a CVS system working well yet, so I'm unable to commit, but
hopefully that will be resolved soon so that you can all take a look and
do some testing.


Today I'm emailing because I have been watching the mailing list and
noticed increased activity on the subject. Because I haven't been able
to use an CVS client I'm stuck manually patching against nightly builds
for now, which is making it extremely difficult for me to keep up with
the changes being made (much less know the difference between what I
fixed and you all have fixed. I was hoping that we could maybe sync
testing/changes with each other in a better way temporarily, such as
emailing me udiffs directly if changes are made.


If you guys have any ideas that will help me out with this temporary
inconvenience, such as workarounds for problems with any windows CVS
client. I'd really appreciate it. I hope that I can get everything
finished upo, reviewed and released to you fro testing within the next
1.5 weeks.




Kevin Peno

Senior PHP Developer

Microsoft Open Source Group

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