[geeklog-devel] SQL Server 2005 - MSSQL Driver

Randy Kolenko Randy.Kolenko at nextide.ca
Wed May 7 07:35:22 EDT 2008

Hi Kevin,
Just some of my thoughts below:

> a need to interact with the list since some sort of status 
> updates go through my superiors, which I assumed was getting 
> relayed and thus the lack of activity.

Assumptions... Never make them.
But to come back and say that you saw no need to interact with the list
dosen't sound very "open".  You said you were monitoring the list for
mssql activity.  If you were doing so, you would have seen the relayed
messages from your superiors showing up here no?  (As per what Michael
said, not the inquisition etc etc etc... )

> 	As far as the process I must follow. I must provide my 
> superiors a working testable driver before I release it to 
> your group (this is one reason why I can't release it now). 

As the original writer of the MSSQL layer, and to perform some kind of
peer review, I wouldn't mind to see what changes you've made.

> from what I've seen so far in your code, I don't 
> think there is a need for very much other than to make sure 
> that very certain bad practices aren't done (i.e. the double 
> quote issue). 

Geeklog -- possible.
All popular plugins -- perhaps not possible.

> I think it is a better idea for your group to be sure 
> that at minimum certain best practices for portable SQL are 
> used. Everything else can be converted from MySQL if best 
> practices are upheld.

For core code -- I agree.  For plugins, and especially those that are
100% mySQL based and popular, not sure how you can do that.

> I have, that's why I wanted to ask if anyone has simply tried 
> turning on quote_sybase. On top of all the addslashes, I've 
> seen a ton of bad str_replace that swap things they shouldn't 
> be when Sybase should be used instead. I guess I'll keep 
> cracking out fixing the installer and try out Sybase in the process.

I agree that the str_replace is not the optimal solution -- but you can
never assume that anyone can augment any settings in a hosted
environment.  This was one of the actual reasons why it was written like
that originally -- but above all else it was done so to keep
compatability at its highest in its infancy to at least get some
adoption of the mssql layer.

> still and it appears as though thing were not as I was told. 

Ammunition for your meeting? Better Communication.  Just my $0.02 worth.


Ps-- I still think its good to have more eyes in the mssql mix btw.

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