[geeklog-devel] Status of MS SQL support in 1.5.0?

Randy Kolenko Randy.Kolenko at nextide.ca
Mon May 12 18:27:01 EDT 2008

I think that if Kevin's code changes are accepted, they can easily be
rolled into 1.5.1.
So Kevin, its not that there's a "too late" which is atomic, but rather
the fact that we need a code base that is ready for the students to use
for GSoC.

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> Kevin J. Peno wrote:
> >I'm not sure I understand why mine will be too late. What's 
> the cut off 
> >for review here?
> We need to have a release out for the start of the coding 
> period of our Summer of Code students. That period starts on May 26.
> >To update, today I got install working flawlessly and
> >just need to verify it working with everything else.
> Sounds good, but from what I understand, it's not just a 
> drop-in replacement of the db driver? Obviously, we don't 
> want to introduce any major code changes at this point.
> bye, Dirk
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