[geeklog-devel] Status of MS SQL support in 1.5.0?

Kevin J. Peno kevin at metalaxe.com
Mon May 12 17:35:01 EDT 2008

>From what I've done so far only the driver is replaced and some SQL
issues (both for new and old driver) have been fixed. Other than that,
so far, code-base changes are less than minor. From my initial review of
the code, I don't think that too much will need to be done to the actual
code base (other than verifying that SQL statements aren't using
conflicting syntax like double quotes as previously mentioned).

I've been talking with Garrett about how fast I can get things out the
door. If I can verify the installation and (at least) first page load is
working properly, I should be able to get you guys something quickly
(after a brief review by MS).

If I've missed this release, what's the next expected release
increment/cycle and how can we become involved. If necessary I can patch
for a separate driver (Randy's MSSQL based on PHP's old driver OR Mine
based on the newer SQL Native driver from MS). I'd prefer to get a full,
working, patch done before review (as would MS) but, I know MS is going
to want to want a way in so, let me know how I should proceed.


Kevin Peno

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Kevin J. Peno wrote:

>I'm not sure I understand why mine will be too late. What's the cut off
>for review here?

We need to have a release out for the start of the coding period of our
Summer of Code students. That period starts on May 26.

>To update, today I got install working flawlessly and
>just need to verify it working with everything else.

Sounds good, but from what I understand, it's not just a drop-in
replacement of the db driver? Obviously, we don't want to introduce any
major code changes at this point.

bye, Dirk


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