[geeklog-devel] Interesting bug - path collision

Michael Jervis mjervis at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 02:37:47 EDT 2008

I'm investigating this issue:

Which I can't recreate. However. I'm using Apache on Windows. On
Windows Apache is not case sensitive.

When you approve a user, it sends an email to that user. This is done
from admin/moderate.php, calling through to lib-user.php's
USER_createAndSendEmail. Through to lib-common.php's COM_mail
function. This does:

    include_once( 'Mail.php' );
    include_once( 'Mail/RFC822.php' );

Our current 'path' at this point is /admin. Which contains mail.php.
Which is included instead of Pear's Mail.php. And then crashes.

Any suggestions how this can be resolved?

Michael Jervis
mjervis at gmail.com

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