[geeklog-devel] OPML?

Michael Jervis mjervis at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 14:41:56 EDT 2008

> Should be fairly easy to add. But is anyone going to use it for anything?

Sounds like a ticky-box feature if ever I heard of one. See no need
for it myself. The old person obsessed with a site might find it handy
to retrieve a list of all feeds just to be sure they have

> And speaking of feeds: Now that we have the improvements for the comment
> handling (Hi Jared!) wouldn't it make sense to either bundle Mike's
> comment feed plugin - or even build support for comment feeds right into
> Geeklog?

I'd say keep it as a plugin, bundle it in the "uninstalled" default.
It's there, people can use it. I don't see any reason to migrate the
code into core. Keeping it out keeps core lighter for those who don't
want it.


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