[geeklog-devel] Beyond 1.5.1

Michael Jervis mjervis at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 04:51:54 EDT 2008

> So, what are our plans once 1.5.1 is out?

Firstly, decide on the version number. If we're adding GSoC and a set
of features with a 3-4 month cycle, I suggest we aim for 1.5.2, which
would imply no other big and disruptive features to integrate.

> Obviously, we want to integrate the results of this year's Summer of Code.
> 1) Fix the editors. That's bug #653: When you forget to fill out a
> 2) Find a replacement for kses. We need to come up with a list of
> requirements first, though.
> 3) Raise the minimum requirements.

+1 on all the above.

> Any other items considered big + important?

I think that should be driven from the following.

> And then of course there are lots of things in the bugtracker that we
> should address. I see quite a few minor issues that just had to be
> postponed for 1.5.0/1.5.1 for various reasons but should be easy enough
> to implement.

So, Dirk, if you create a 1.5.2 version in the appropriate drop down,
we can start filing anything we think as necessary for that release
under that category and get a "roadmap" view of what's on 1.5.2.

I think we should then post a public article after 1.5.1's release on
the site stating what's going to be in 1.5.2 and post regular updates.

I think a good plan would be to aim to get the GSoC stuff commited and
only the GSoC (+ maybe minor/trivial bugs) and release a "preview"
release of the GSoC functionality (by the end of Oct?) for feedback
whilst we concentrate on reducing the list generated in the tracker.

And I also suggest that if it's not in the tracker, it's not in
1.5.2. Having a clear list of what's left (bug or features) is
essential I think to making progress.



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