[geeklog-devel] Going Mercurial?

Michael Jervis mjervis at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 05:14:45 EDT 2008

> Are we going to switch to Mercurial?
> I'd say the benefits of a Distributed Version Control System are
> obvious. The only questions remaining are which system we're going to
> use and when to make the switch.
> So how does Mercurial feel? I guess our SoC students have the most
> experience with it now - let's hear it, guys.

I think we should take the plunge. I'm roughly up to speed with it and
it works nicely for me. I don't see a strong reason to try any other

Migrate the CVS repository to HG, we are then capable of having our
own public mirrors with our commits in for people to play with prior
to finishing off and pushing to the master.


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