[geeklog-devel] User account names (was: calendar plugin: Zip code is too small...)

Euan McKay info at heatherengineering.com
Thu Sep 25 19:46:44 EDT 2008

I set up a few sites for Japanese users, and quite a few users enter
their full name as the username, in Japanese (UTF-8). Restricting to
latin characters might cause problems with backward compatibility? At
least sites with existing non-latin character usernames should be
catered for.

If you want to get rid of non-latin characters, I think you need to
ask yourself: why? If you do so, I wonder if a username is really
needed? Can't everything be based off a unique, latin-character-only
email address?

I'm probably being closed-minded in my own way, but I want to see a
registration form with just fields for email address and a user-chosen
password, with nickname and full name as options enabled from the
configuration panel. But that's not what you asked. ;)


2008/9/26 Dirk Haun <dirk at haun-online.de>:
> IvyWe今駒 wrote:
>>And user account(16) is too small for multi-byte language users, I think.
> Hmm. I was actually thinking (for a while now) how to go about
> restricting the usernames to pretty much a-z, digits, and a few select
> other characters (and how to handle a conversion of existing usernames
> that use other characters).
> I guess that's the typical closed-minded western view? How are other
> sites in Japan handling usernames? Do they allow non-ASCII characters?
> bye, Dirk
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