[geeklog-devel] A GL prototype with "Show Intro Text in Full View" tweak

Maciej Cupiał maciej.cupial at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 17:14:22 EDT 2009

Hello everybody,

This post is written in response to Ivy's feature request nr 0000856.
The link is: http://project.geeklog.net/tracking/view.php?id=856.

Please note, that this prototype is just a form of a proposition and I
did it partly to get myself a little bit familliar with GL

Added functionality:
 * New option "Show Intro Text in Full View" in both story editors:
standard and advanced
 * New option "Show Intro Text in Full View" in GL Configuration ->
Stories and Trackback -> Story fieldset
 * Now there are two preview blocks: Compact and Full in both story editors

The syndication module and the "e-mail friend" feature both utilize
this newly added flag. However, I think that the option called "Length
of entries" in the feed editor should be redesigned. There should be
only 3 modes to choose from: "title only", "title & introduction" and
"whole story". The last one would follow the "Show Intro..." flag
respectively. Also, it would be cool, if the sender could decide on
what the receipient exactly gets in the "Mail Story to a Friend"
dialog: link only, introduction or the full article - just like in the
feed. The prototype doesn't cover these ideas.

Files created:
 * sql/updates/mysql_1.5.2_to_1.6.0.php
 * sql/updates/mssql_1.5.2_to_1.6.0.php

Files modified:
 * sql/mysql_tableanddata.php
 * sql/mssql_tableanddata.php
 * language/english_utf-8.php
 * system/classes/story.class.php
 * system/lib-story.php
 * system/lib-syndication.php
 * public_html/admin/install/config-install.php
 * public_html/admin/story.php
 * public_html/profiles.php
 * public_html/layout/professional/admin/story/storyeditor.thtml
 * public_html/layout/professional/admin/story/storyeditor_advanced.thtml

This prototype's only supported language is english, UTF-8.

You can check out the prototype here:
http://gl.maciejcupial.na14.pl/geeklog/public_html/, user: Admin,
password: password - just like in a fresh installation.

The patch can be found here:
http://gl.maciejcupial.na14.pl/intro_flag_tweak.patch or
http://gl.maciejcupial.na14.pl/intro_flag_tweak_no_context.patch and
the modified files here:

I welcome any feedback.

Pozdrawiam, Maciej Cupiał

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