[geeklog-devel] Patch for bug id 771

Roshan Singh singh.roshan08 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 11:17:13 EDT 2009


I have worked on Bug id 771. The idea was to add a new option for CC in the
various mails that are sent.

I worked on a specific part of it. In the contact user form I have added a
CC checkbox which if checked will send a copy of the mail to the user

I edited three files for it. See the attachments for line numbers. I worked
on the latest release geeklog 1.5 sr2.

1. *english.php (in <rest files>/language/* )
* *
    I added a line at 436 for english language. For other language similar
changes should be made.

    36 => 'Send me a copy:'

2. *contactuserform.thtml (in layout/professional/profiles/ )

     *At line number 10 i added these lines to create a new field for cc
*        *<tr>
            <td><input type="checkbox" name="cc" value=1></td>

3.  *profiles.php (in the web directory):*

     Added these lines at line number 129

      //resend the same message to the author by using $from in place of $to
as in previous mail.
                $newsubject="copy of ".$subject;     // to indicate that it
is a carbon copy
                $sent_copy = COM_mail($from, $newsubject, $message, $from);

    at line number 245
      $mail_template->set_var ('lang_cc', $LANG08[36]);    //new line added
for setting new variable 'CC'

I have shown my work to dhaun. It was nice working on the bug.

Roshan Kumar Singh
IRC - #nitdgplug on Freenode
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