[geeklog-devel] Cancel selects topic

Tom websitemaster at cogeco.net
Thu Dec 31 10:27:54 EST 2009

I would call that a bug.

The way it should work if you hit cancel or save is either return to the
first page of the list with everything set to the default or

return to the last page the user was on in the list of stories with whatever
he had the Topic, Search and limit Results set at.

BTW, If you are currently looking at the stories did we every get this issue



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Here's another oddity in the Story Editor: When you hit the Cancel
button, you are taken back to the list of stories - and there, the last
story's topic is selected. So instead of the list of all stories, you
only see those from this topic.

Bug or feature?

If it's considered a feature, hitting the Save button should result in
the same behavior.

bye, Dirk


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