[geeklog-devel] AJAX and Javascript Libraries - request for comments

richardsw at nc.rr.com richardsw at nc.rr.com
Sun Feb 15 19:25:35 EST 2009

What is the actual objective of using interactive javascript?  (Sorry, just recently joined the list again)  From the visitors perspective, much of the content is static to them.  Its the editor that is editing content - so in the long run, does using these libraries save you or them any time, or is it there just to be flashy?  I hope that actual content rendering isn't littered with javascript, otherwise it will completely kill the SEO advantage that geeklog has by default.

If this is a complete rework of the framework, I'd say save this for GL2/AptitudeCMS.  Lots of us are used to the way the code is now...

that's my non-developer 2 cents.  :P


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> Subject: Re: [geeklog-devel] AJAX and Javascript Libraries - request
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> So where do we stand? Blaine made a case for YUI and I've seen a few
> others mentioned. What I haven't seen is a suggested way as to how to
> arrive at a decision.
> Saying that we're going with library "X" without really looking at the
> others doesn't sound right. So, at the risk of sounding like a broken
> record: How about my idea of trying to implement one or two features
> with a variety of libraries?
> If you don't like that idea, please suggest something else. I'll happily
> bow to the combined expertise of the Geeklog community. Hey, this isn't
> always a dictatorship ;-)
> bye, Dirk
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