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Mark Howard mark at the-howards.net
Tue Feb 17 13:00:51 EST 2009

Isn't most of this a whats-in-the-theme conversation?  If not, shouldn't it

To that extent, I agree with Richard, the core should contain no critical
dependence upon JS, eg. if JS is enabled then the auto-save doesn't work, no
big deal.  If folks really don't mean to delete things, then they shouldn't.
(the 'are you sure' thing should be a global config option anyway)

On the other hand, I'm hopeful that the development team realizes that there
are some folks out there that are serving a constituency/client base that
are now spoiled by sites like cnet, google and other web 9.4 sites or
whatever they're calling them now.  For them - let them have their themes
and eat them too.


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richardsw at nc.rr.com wrote: 
>>What is the actual objective of using interactive javascript? 
>Well, interactivity ;-) 
>So far the only really useful application would be an auto-save for the 
>editors. You can't really do that any other way. 

Popup the article editor in a separate window.  Add a "Save Draft" button
that saves your work with a post and refresh, but keeps you in the window.
You can add a very simple javascript refresh that counts up how much typing
you've done in the forms.  This doesn't really require an entire JS Library
does it?


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