[geeklog-devel] geeklog-devel Digest, Vol 25, Issue 10

Randy Kolenko Randy.Kolenko at nextide.ca
Sat Feb 21 10:55:00 EST 2009

While its true that Geeklog as a core framework is technically sound
without the inclusion of javascript libraries for Ajax, the fact is that
the core abilities of the framework could use some much needed sprucing

Yes, you can get away with pop up windows with the editor in it, but
that is simply one area that Geeklog needs improvement.
In reality, nearly every administration component could benefit greatly
from Ajax.  New User creation would benefit greatly from look-ahead
queries to ensure an admin is not re-creating the same user account --
In reality, all of the fields in the user admin creation area could be
Ajax enabled to provide some sort of lookup or general data scrubbing
ability so that a whole page POST and refresh is eliminated.
Same goes for group adding/editing.  Same is true for just about every
admin component for nearly all plugins.
The calendar could be totally revamped to provide JS overlays to show
per-day or per-week events while maintaining the calendar in the
background which would totally eliminate a total page re-POST/GET to a
whole new page.  Simple things like that make the difference in adding
polish to the entire portal. (sounds like a good GSoC project :-)  )

In fact, the inclusion of a Ajax JS library for Geeklog to use has
nothing to do with plugin developers if they so choose not to use THAT
specific library.  If Geeklog is shipped with Jquery and a plugin author
is partial to YUI, then so be it.  The plugin is shipped with YUI.  

Just my $0.02 worth.


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> Isn't most of this a whats-in-the-theme conversation?  If 
> not, shouldn't it be?
> To that extent, I agree with Richard, the core should contain 
> no critical dependence upon JS, eg. if JS is enabled then the 
> auto-save doesn't work, no big deal.  If folks really don't 
> mean to delete things, then they shouldn't. (the 'are you 
> sure' thing should be a global config option anyway)
> On the other hand, I'm hopeful that the development team 
> realizes that there are some folks out there that are serving 
> a constituency/client base that are now spoiled by sites like 
> cnet, google and other web 9.4 sites or whatever they're 
> calling them now.  For them - let them have their themes and 
> eat them too.
> -m
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> >>What is the actual objective of using interactive javascript?
> > 
> >Well, interactivity ;-)
> > 
> >So far the only really useful application would be an 
> auto-save for the
> >editors. You can't really do that any other way. 
> Popup the article editor in a separate window.  Add a "Save 
> Draft" button that saves your work with a post and refresh, 
> but keeps you in the window. You can add a very simple 
> javascript refresh that counts up how much typing you've done 
> in the forms.  This doesn't really require an entire JS 
> Library does it?
> Rick
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