[geeklog-devel] RFC: Plugin auto install

Dirk Haun dirk at haun-online.de
Sat Jan 17 02:14:07 EST 2009

Blaine Lang wrote:

>Only issue I had was in creating an archive in the format the PEAR 
>archive class would support. The zip files were being recognized as 'PK' 
>for pkzip I figure and that format is not defined in the class.

For .zip file support, you need the Archive_Zip class. We need to add
that to the PEAR classes we're shipping.

>This definitely will make plugin installs easier. Nice Job!

I would hope so :-)

>I have an idea now for SOC 2009: Implement a REST based plugin DEPOT 

That would be the next logical step, yes. I've already thought of a
"plugin repository" plugin but didn't have the time to add it to our
GSoC ideas list.

Doesn't have to be REST, btw. I was thinking plain HTTP_Request and RSS feeds.

bye, Dirk


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