[geeklog-devel] RFC: Plugin auto install

Blaine Lang devel at portalparts.com
Sat Jan 17 00:27:57 EST 2009


I have been testing the auto-install and the upload feature to 
create/copy the required directories and files on Windows (Vista) this 
evening and it's working well.

Only issue I had was in creating an archive in the format the PEAR 
archive class would support. The zip files were being recognized as 'PK' 
for pkzip I figure and that format is not defined in the class. I found 
a windows utility to create a compressed TAR (tgz) and that worked fine.

It successfully created the directories if they were missing and 
over-wrote files as required.

This definitely will make plugin installs easier. Nice Job!

I have an idea now for SOC 2009: Implement a REST based plugin DEPOT 
service and we can host the plugins on geeklog.net (or other locations). 
Add blocks to this service adn we will have a way for sites to explore 
and add components online and query if updates are available - like 
firefox does.

- Blaine

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